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  • 1. How long does the hookah pen last?
    There is no set frame it all depends on the persons smoking habit. Keep in mind when you take long deep pulls that counts as 8-10 puffs instead of 1. On average most hookah pens last anywhere from 2 weeks- 1 month for non-frequent smokers.
  • 2. How long does it take for shipping?
    Shipping is priority mail 1-3 business days priority for domestic. Please allow 24 business hours for processing Monday-Friday.
  • 3. What are customer service hours?
    Our hours are from 8am-5pm CST. Please allow at least 12-24 business hours for a response to your inquiry.
  • 4. Someone used my card without my consent what do I do?
    Please email us, then make a claim with your bank and we will work with them and notify the authorities. Our site tracks IP address and other data so this should help with the disputing process and tracking the person that did the charge.
  • 5. Why did I receive an email to verify my identify or transaction?
    We have an intervention tool set up on our processing system to flag transactions over $300 and high risk. If your billing address does not match your shipping address or something else seems off for your protection we will send you an email to send over a copy of your drivers license to match the card used.
  • 6. Can I buy Blakk Smoke products in person?
    We only sell our products online at We are not responsible for the resale or distrubtion of Blakk Smoke products through smoke shops or other establishments. Official Blakk Smoke purchases can ONLY be made on
  • 7. How old do I need to be to buy products from this site?
    You need to be 21 years of age to view and purchase products from our site.
  • 8. What should I clean my hookah with?
    We suggest you use an antibacterial dish detergent/soap and a warm water rinse to clean the glass portions and hose tips only. Please rinse and soak in warm water to clear any remaining soap residue. Allow the pieces to dry in a secure location to avoid damage.
  • 9. What happens if my package is lost or stolen?
    File a claim with USPS. After they give you a claim number, please email the number to our customer service email at If you cannot file a missing package claim with USPS, please note the name and location of the USPS representative. We will need this information to have our internal USPS contact reach out to complete the process.
  • 10. What happens if I received my product and it is defective?
    The company must be notified within 24 hours after delivery, via email, of the defective unit. Please attach a video demonstrating the defect of the item.
  • 11. How can I refund or cancel my order?
    - All sales are final. We do not accept returns or exchanges. We do not offer refunds.
  • 12. Can I smoke this while I’m pregnant or lactating?
  • 13. How do I file a USPS claim?
    Please follow this link directly to file a claim:
  • 14. What do I do after I file a USPS claim?
    Send us the claims info so that we can coordinate with USPS to rearrange a new package being sent out redelivery of package still in their possession
  • 15. When will I receive my Blakk Friday, Cyber Monday or any sale day order?
    We appreciate your patience as we work through our busiest time of the year. All orders will be processed within 7-14 business days and shipped following processing. You will receive an email notification once shipped.
  • 16. Can anyone under the age of 21 use/purchase Blakk Smoke?
    NO. While our products do not contain nicotine or tobacco we PROHIBIT the use and/or sale of our products to minors. We reserve the right to request necessary documentation for purchases made through our website to verify your age.
  • 17. Does your products contain CBD or THC?
    No our products contain no nicotine, no tobacco, no CBD, or THC
  • 18. Does your products show up in drug test?
    No, there is nothing in our products that would result in a failed drug test
  • 19. Do you offer Wholesale for store owners, clubs and vendors?
    Yes we do! To get a quote for wholesale visit our contact page or email
  • My credit card was charged but my transaction did not go through what to do?
    Your transaction declined but your bank held the funds. It shows up on our end that the order was not placed and the hold will be released within 48 business hours. Please make sure that when placing your order, your CVS code and billing address is correct. - 2024-03-26T195250.606.gif


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